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Dr. Sandeep Kharb

Dr. Sandeep Kharb is a senior Endocrinologist consultant at the Reputed Asian Hospital of Faridabad .He is a M.D. Medicine and has a professional experience from various reputed hospitals.


  • Young – Onset diabetes
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes (GDM),
  • Diabetes in Pregnancy

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About The Doctor

Dr. Sandeep Kharb is a M.D. Medicine , DNB Endocrinology and has a professional experience from various reputed hospitals as Endocrinologist consultant. Dr. Sandeep Kharb manages his own Center Sandeep Endocrinology Clinic is dedicated towards Diabetes, Endocrine & Thyroid disorders and Obesity.

Apart from his own center, Dr. Sandeep Kharb is a senior Endocrinologist consultant at the Reputed Asian Hospital of Faridabad.He has worked on numerous research and publication works that speaks of the volume of work he has done at a nascent stage of his career and is still growing with a rapid pace

Dr. Sandeep Endocrinology Clinic serves for diabetes and ITS related complications. It also looks after patients that have thyroid, obesity and other endocrine disorders. It has a team of dietician that helps in weight loss in a very natural and systematic manner without any side effect to the body. Dr. Snadeep Kharb has worked with a very simple ideology of nurturing relations with the patients and helping them fight these epidemic diseases not just physically but mentally as well.

Professional Expereince

  • Senior residency (Med) B R Ambedkar hospital Rohini 2008-2009 ABGH (Moti nagar) 2009-2010
  • DNB (Endocrinology) Army hospital Research & Referral, Delhi Cantt 2013
  • CONSULTANT ENDO Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Pune Apr 2013-Aug 2014
  • Consultant ENDO Sep 2014 Onwards Paras hospital, Gurgaon and ASIAN hospital Faridabad

Research And Publications

  • Inferior petrosal sinus sampling: Final solution to a riddle called “Cushing’s syndrome”. Kharb S1, Gundgurthi A1, Pandit A1, Garg MK2, Brar KS3, Singh A4, Pathak HC5. Med J Armed Forces India. 2013 Jan;69(1):74-7.
  • Sarcomatous transformation (Leiomyosarcoma) in polyostotic fibrous dysplagia. Garg MK1, Bhardwaj R2, Gupta S2, Mann N2, Kharb S1, Pandit A1. Indian J Endocrinol Metab. 2013 Nov;17(6):1120-3
  • Nelson’s syndrome presenting as bilateral oculomotor palsy. Gundgurthi A1, Kharb S1, Garg MK1, Brar KS1, Bharwaj R2, Pathak HC3, Gill M3. Indian J Endocrinol Metab. 2013 Nov;17(6):1114-6
  • Spinal polyostotic fibrous dysplasia in two adults: Does only biopsy unravel the mystery? Gundgurthi A, Garg MK, Bhardwaj R, Kharb S, Pandit A, Brar KS, Kumar R, Pandit AG. Indian J Endocrinol Metab. 2013 Nov;17(6):1108-13
  • Raised CA19.9 and hepatic space occupying lesion after teriparatide therapy in a case of polyostotic fibrous dysplasia. Pandit A1, Kharb S, Garg MK. Indian J Endocrinol Metab. 2013 Sep;17(5):947-9.


  • Major Academic Achievements

    Teaching experience for Post-Graduate (MD) students (2010-2013)

  • Affiliations With Academic Societies

    Member Of Indian Thyroid Society

  • Paper / Poster Presented

    At ESICON, Pune 2011 , A case of pseudohypoparathyroidism type 1b with normal phosphaturic response to exogenous PTH



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